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By on October 27, 2018

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Download the inspiring new additions to Do a Day for Free

Creating Do a Day was such a profound accomplishment for me. Like anything we do, we often reflect as we grow, and see how to make it better. That’s exactly what I did here. As I shared the message more, some of the nuances became clearer, and I saw how to improve some things that never sat well with me in the original release. So I decided to Do a Day and release an update. Free. The chapter on Parenting has been rewritten, and I’ve added a crucial chapter on Self-Love as part of complete reworking of Section II, which gives you the building blocks to implement Do a Day in your life.

To know if you need to download the update, just figure out which camp you fall into:

  • Kindle & iBooks
    For owners of the eBook version on Kindle or iBooks, your copy should have updated automatically.
  • Print
    If you bought the book before March 2018, or if you bought it from any seller other than Amazon or from Bryan Falchuk directly, you can easily download the great additional content in PDF form right here for free!
  • Nook, Kobo & Other eBook Platforms
    If you bought the book on an ebook platform other than Kindle or iBooks, you can download the updated content free in PDF form here and get the latest thoughts on how to Do a Day!
  • Audible & Other Audiobook Formats
    For listeners of the Do a Day audiobook version, be sure to download the free PDF here to get the newest content.
  • Print – “Revised Edition”
    For anyone who bought the print book, see if it has “Revised Edition” in the upper right corner of the cover, or “1st Anniversary” on the back. If it does, you’re golden!

Getting the update takes 3 easy steps:

  1. Enter your info below, and hit the gray button that says “Get the updated content”
  2. Copy the URL that will appear in the green box after you submit your info
  3. Paste it into your browser, and get the PDF

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