078. The Paradox in Connecting to The World’s Needs with Erik Bergman

By on December 3, 2019

Erik Bergman is a co-founder of Catena Media, a company that went from 0 to 300+ employees in five years. Under this journey Erik made more money than he will ever need in his life, but at the expense of burning himself out, as well as both his business partner and his fiancee that also…

077. Loving Yourself Enough to Come Back After a Fall with CrisMarie Campbell

By on November 26, 2019

CrisMarie Campbell was an Olympic rower, a Boeing Flight Test Engineer and a Manager at Arthur Andersen. Her rowing career was thriving as she made her way from the college level, national level, international level and finally heading to the Olympics until a chronic back injury cut everything off. It also helped her realize, while…