122. Creating Clarity & Control for Your Legacy with Vicki Wusche

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Vicki Wusche started investing in property 2008 and has been named in The Telegraph’s top UK’s 25 most influential people in property. She is an inspiring speaker and author of five books and was even a finalist in the Business Book Awards in March 2020. A regular on podcasts across Europe, America and Canada as well as the UK, Vicki will surprise you with her take on property, finance and the next decade.

Since first recognising property as the best strategy to create her financial security, Vicki has shied away from the “get rich” gurus and their flash cars and shiny shoes. Many of her talks have been said to be straight talking and brutally honest. Vicki would tell you that being successful in property takes commitment and hard work. It takes a good understanding of the mar`ket and an even better understanding of the maths involved.

Vicki runs both a property training and a property sourcing business. In recent years she has helped clients invest over £5 million pounds and bought over 70 properties. Her investors typically earn 15-20% interest over three years and deals have included traditional buy-to-lets, HMO’s, semi-commercial units, developments, barn conversions and good deal of sourcing. Not bad for a “made-redundant” “single-parent”!

When not on holiday scuba diving as her alter-ego The Property Mermaid, she loves having time with her growing family; now with two grandchildren, and recently discovered a love for gardening – COVID induced of course.

Key Points from the Episode with Vicki Wusche:

  • Vicki has built a life where she can do what she wants when she wants
  • This comes from the flexibility she has in her work, which helps others build financial freedom so they, too, can work and live according to their terms
  • We talked about how the current situation is very difficult, but also presents opportunities and gifts we would never have found otherwise
  • Vicki hopes we all take away that our values are the most important thing, and we can’t really set or achieve our goals if we don’t know our values
  • Vicki learned hers through a series of what she calls “mortality moments” where you are shocked into seeing what is actually going on and realizing you are a human being
  • Vicki’s first came after a marriage she thought would be great ended with her as a single mother of two kids under three who had left a violent marriage
  • That extreme situation lead her to be able to step back and see what she needs to do to move ahead
  • It lets you step back and see what you are capable of and where the line is that you don’t want to cross because it would be out of line with your values
  • Life is like a merry-go-round, only there are lots of people on it, feeling sick and wanting to get off; it isn’t all cheery all the time
  • She decided that her feelings toward her ex-husband would be to “nothing” him
  • Rather than holding anger toward him, or to offer forgiveness, she gave him nothing, and this proved hard for him but allowed him to occupy no space in her mind
  • Vicki noticed later that there were these messages or hints about what she should be doing with her life
  • Life gives us these messages all the time, and we often miss the cues, but they are there
  • Vicki kept having nudges to get into the Property space, but was missing them despite how obvious she finds them in hindsight
  • Looking back only serves two purposes – to learn lessons from what you’ve done or to acknowledge how far you’ve come so you can move forward
  • Other forms of dwelling in the past can hold us back or harm us
  • What lesson do you need to learn in any moment from your experiences or the people around you?
  • If someone is in your life or you’re experiencing something, and you don’t know why, ask yourself what you are supposed to learn here
  • Vicki shared some of the most important things to bring together to move yourself forward
  • Vicki has written five books now
  • On her website, you can take a series of assessments to get a score and personal report to get some activities to better position yourself for the future, for business or in property investment at vickiwusche.com/scorecard


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