108. The Road to Health with Tamar Medford

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Tamar Medford is the host of The Road to Health Podcast and has a full-time career in Outsides Sales. She was inspired to create the show because she understands how difficult it can be to stay healthy and turn your life around. Tamar struggled with alcoholism and obesity until she hit her bottom. In early 2012, she let her troubled past inspire her to make some much-needed changes. Tamar realized that she could no longer do this alone and decided to ask for help. She started to take action, and also took responsibility for the life she had created for herself. She reached out to a personal trainer, found a support group, implemented some new habits and started her journey to a better life. Tamar got sober in June of 2012 and also lost 75 lbs by early 2013.

The weight didn’t stay off as she started to struggle with complacency so she turned to quick fixes and yo-yo dieting. Her frustration motivated her to make some major changes in her life and instead of focusing on nutrition and exercise along she started to develop a better mindset. With her team of coaches, she’s learning how to navigate through the challenges she faces and reclaim control of her health while being on the road for business. She hopes that by sharing her journey she can inspire others to make new lifestyle changes for themselves.

Key Points from the Episode with Tamar Medford:

  • Tamar is the host of a podcast called “The Road to Health”
  • She has a desire to help people define their goals, understand the Why’s behind them, and simplify them so they can be achieved.
  • This was all born of her journey, which we went deep into in the interview.
  • Tamar has a lot of experience pushing too hard, burning out, and then falling off in a number of ways.
  • Tamar is an alcoholic who also struggled with obesity, having gotten to over 200 pounds after she got sober.
  • Once she got to her goal weight through really intense physical fitness, she pulled back, thinking she was good to coast, and went backward.
  • Six days a week turned to three, which then became none.
  • When she saw results, she wanted more, and would chase and chase. This feeling served her in the good and drew her into the bad, too.
  • Her first time hitting her weight goal was fleeting because she hadn’t yet worked on herself on the inside
  • After she had gained back 40 pounds, she started looking for the quick fixes, and went on a series of yo-yo diets
  • She got into a pattern of “What can I do to make myself better right now?”
  • Going back, she always had volatile relationships with people who would allow or co-sign her behaviors.
  • Her ex-husband was also an addict, and they quickly found that they couldn’t have fun unless you were drinking.
  • Things got so bad that she sat on the bathroom floor with a bottle of pills, and debated ending everything.
  • In early 2012, Tamar decided she had hit her bottom – overweight, feeling unloved and desiring change.
  • She signed up for a gym membership, connected with a personal trainer, and started her on a path of meeting the right people to help her down the path to sobriety.
  • She had found ways to drink less, and a friend talked to her about going to a meeting, but Tamar thought she was ok since she was drinking much less.
  • What she didn’t realize yet is that it isn’t about how much you drink, it’s about how drinking makes you feel.
  • June 17th 2012, after a bender, was the day she began her sobriety.
  • As the journey went on, she just kept building a stronger and stronger community of support and positivity around her, including getting into podcasts in 2019.
  • Listening to other people tell their stories of getting through really helped her with the perspective and path she needed to keep moving through her journey.
  • We need to focus more on getting people to figure out what works for each of us rather than what other people say will work for us.
  • She met Allison Melody at an event, who asked her if she had a podcast, and when she heard Tamar didn’t, she pushed her to create one to tell Tamar’s story and bring that perspective to listeners.
  • Tamar ended up taking a job in sales, which is an industry known for being hard to maintain fitness and fight drinking.
  • She started to develop routines to set her up for success.
  • She plans how much sleep she’ll get, where she’ll eat, etc, and it’s allowed her to travel for business and stay healthy (I do the same, and it totally works!)
  • Her focus of late has really been about mindset, so she’s made a game of the planning to see what tools she’s learned that she can use to help her during a trip.
  • Tamar sees a lot of value in giving yourself grace.
  • If you slip up, don’t carry that forward. Learn from it, but move on. Holding onto it will cost you far more than the slip up itself ever would.
  • Are you doing something every day that makes you a little bit better and puts you closer to your goal.


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