107. Recapping Season 4 with Bryan Falchuk

The Do a Day Podcast from Bryan Falchuk

I recap the great guests and discussions that came in Season 4 of Do a Day as I pause for a couple of weeks between seasons.

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Key Points from the Episode:
  • Wally Carmichael joined us to talk about true abundance
  • Ryan Stratis of American Ninja Warrior joined us as he struggled with the question of what he does going forward, and ended up announcing retiring from ANW after the episode aired
  • Steve Austin joined to talk about trauma leading to shame that festered and lead to a suicide attempt
  • Carlee Myers talked about ways to remove the stress we face in life that ends up defining our existence
  • Michael Levitt, a good friend and beautiful human being, shared how to remove and recover from burnout in our lives
  • Drew Taddia joined to share his personal story of perseverance and hard work to achieve what you really care about
  • James Roberts, a Paralympian, who shares what he learned in not letting a disability block him from doing things he loved and staying fit and healthy
  • Susan Clarke, whose partner CrisMarie Campbell came on last season, shared her journey with trauma and cancer and what she built in her life from that struggle
  • Serena Sabala talked about her experience growing up with a father with mental illness, and how we all need more awareness of mental illness and the tools to protect ourselves from it in our own lives through staying balanced and healthy across the spectrum
  • Carol Hanson talked about the power of self-image, which came from her battle with Anorexia
  • Singer-Songwriter Jackson Gillies, who American Idol fans will recognize, shared his journey with Type 1 Diabetes and HS, learning to listen to his body and what it needs to keep these conditions under control
  • Kacie Main, who Gave Up Men for Lent (which is the name of her book), talks about finding out who she really is on the back of a relationship ending, that redefined how she lives her life
  • Justin Stenstrom joined to talk about how he struggled intensely with anxiety and depression, and the journey he went on to find tools to manage both of them, which he details in his latest book
  • Emi Kirschner talked about her path through divorce and business to understand the power of knowing yourself and being comfortable with that if you want to succeed in business
  • Sam and Paddy Cullinane, the Not So Perfect Couple, talked about their marriage story, which includes divorcing at one point, working on themselves, and coming together in a beautiful way that they share to help other couples love better
  • Mariah Heller, who suffers from Elhers-Danlos syndrome, lives with chronic pain every day and developed approaches to physical fitness that respect that pain rather than worsening it
  • Nathan Todd, who was born with Cerebral Palsy, talks about the power of the labels we choose to put on ourselves and how they can hold us back or allow us to move forward
  • Episode 100 was my chance to bring together two of my favorite people, Cornell Thomas and Michael O’Brien, to talk about resilience and connection in a seriously beautiful episode
  • Sunday Burquest, who was on Survivor Millennials vs. Gen-X, talks about her non-stop struggle to survive despite loss and hardship throughout her life, and her battle with cancer before going on the show. Sunday is battling cancer again right now, so we are all thinking of her and pulling for her.
  • Carolyn Colleen shared a very powerful story of abuse and extreme hardship, including leaving an abuse marriage with a toddler to live in a shelter and build a new life that lead to not only great success and achievement, but powerful tools to get through extreme hardships and struggles we all face
  • Emily Gough, who was surprised to find that her boyfriend had still been seeing his ex, who he moved across the street from Emily and his house. She ended up traveling on her own and learning so much about herself in the process
  • Paul Stretton-Stevens, who has been medically retired three times in life, talks about how we can view these closing doors as the end, or see what else we can do to move forward
  • Andrew Hood battled with extreme anxiety as his finances fell apart but he had to put on a happy face and seem fine to the outside world. When his wife and father brought him out of the shame of hidden pain, his open sharing of what he experienced changed his life and others
  • Lakshmi Dev Bowen, who grew up with abuse and a struggle with sex, drugs and alcohol, then found a re-centering through yoga, which completely changed her life.


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