082. Looking Back on Season 3 with Bryan Falchuk

By on December 30, 2019

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The Do a Day Podcast from Bryan Falchuk

In this episode, I close out Season 3 with a recap of episode 56 through 81 of the show, covering all the amazing people who made up this season and summarizing their episodes.

Key Points from the Episode with Bryan Falchuk:

  • Episode 056. Transporting From Darkness to Your Future Vision with Sarah Centrella
  • Episode 057. Accept Where You Are to Move Forward with Natalie Jani
  • Episode 058. Accepting The Gift of No Regret with Kirsty Salisbury
  • Episode 059. Surrendering to The Facts To Realize Opportunity with Madeleine Black
  • Episode 060. The Power of Worthiness from Within with Dr. James Kelley
  • Episode 061. Redirecting Your Life by Realizing You Matter with Fernando Flores
  • Episode 062. Shifting Your Choices to Shift Your Life with Michael O’Brien
  • Episode 063. The Therapeutic Power of Running with William Pullen
  • Episode 064. To Be Safe, Loved & Worthy with Terah Harrison
  • Episode 065. Find Your Voice Through Mindfulness with Bruce Langford
  • Episode 066. The Power of Being Prepared with Jay Gabrani
  • Episode 067. The Human Connection of Storytelling with The Ridiculously Human Guys (Gareth Martin & Craig Haywood)
  • Episode 068. Life is About Creating Yourself with Lonnee Rey
  • Episode 069. Honor Your Emotions to Choose the Path Forward with Karen Millsap
  • Episode 070. True Success Comes From Our Spirit with Nichole Sylvester
  • Episode 071. Bonus Episode: Reflecting on Doing 3,032 Days with Bryan Falchuk
  • Episode 072. Do the Time to Change Lives with Coss Marte
  • Episode 073. Life as an Inquisitive, Crooked Journey with Mark Nepo
  • Episode 074. Seeing the Gift of Adversity with Marcus Aurelius Anderson
  • Episode 075. Find the Answers Within to What You Need with Michelle Bronson
  • Episode 076. Life’s Challenges Can Illuminate Our Path with Sharon Falchuk (my wife!)
  • Episode 077. Loving Yourself Enough to Come Back After a Fall with CrisMarie Campbell
  • Episode 078. The Paradox in Connecting to The World’s Needs with Erik Bergman
  • Episode 079. Sparking the Inner Fight to Make Change with Marcus Smith
  • Episode 080. Internal Validation for What We Need with Maggie Berghoff
  • Episode 081. Smash Your Anxiety by Embracing Change with Jesse Harless


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One comment on “082. Looking Back on Season 3 with Bryan Falchuk

  1. What a line-up and beautifully-articulated rundown for the year Bryan! So blessed to be included in your world and connected to those who, like you, live to help others from their remarkable life experiences. Can’t wait to meet the ones you hold so near and dear!

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