055. Looking Back on Season 2 with Bryan Falchuk

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Another 26 episodes of the Do a Day Podcast are done, and I thought it would be a great time to pause, reflect, and take stock of all we’ve taken in with Season 2 of the show.

If you’ve been listening all along, you know how great and powerful these episodes have been thanks to the amazing guests I’ve had on. If you’re new to the show, this is a great way to get a bit of an overview of everything that’s come out this season (but the best way is to go back and listen to them all!).

Key Ideas in the Episode with Bryan Falchuk

  • I went through each of the amazing guests that have been on the show
  • Steve Gordon showed how falling down may be necessary to reach new heights
  • Robb Holman talked about the power of letting go so we can find meaning and purpose
  • Lindsey Heiserman inspired us to not let our past stories be part of our right now
  • Charise Colbert shared her journey coming out of domestic abuse
  • Sara Quiriconi talked to us about how to live free of all the cancers in our life
  • Syd Finkelstein on how to be a Super Boss leader
  • Ariana Robinson Danquah shared how to rise up when you’re stuck in the middle
  • Jon DeWaal gripped us with his story of falling off a roof and how that helped him see how to get through life’s toughest transitions
  • John Zeratsky talked about what he discovered to achieve the most, and it has nothing to do with productivity
  • Josh Perry taught the power of gratitude even in the face of life’s greatest challenges if you want to come through them thriving
  • Mark Crandall shared his trauma story to help us see how facing our trauma’s allows for growth
  • Adam Schaeuble got us all fired up, and he also inspired with his approach to reimagining your life – and making it come true
  • Sandy Vo talked about her journey to find clarity and peace despite a foundation of turmoil
  • Cornell Thomas is the epitome of the “What’s Next?” attitude winning over the “Why Me?” mentality
  • Sandra Younger taught us her Come Back approach to be a victor, not a victim of tragedy
  • Jenn Swanson talked about her journey off loss, gratitude and realization that you are your best investment
  • Howard Jacobson shared how losing his father inspired his mission to fight diseases of ignorance with the wisdom of lifestyle
  • Brooke Siem retold her amazing journey navigating her way out of a life of medication for mental illness into a life of discovery
  • Tanur Badgley showed how to become a person of purpose through his journey starting with a fall off the side of a mountain
  • Gary Bertwistle talked about the power of authenticity and discovering your mojo
  • Frank King went into how thoughts of suicide taught him to go after what he really wanted, and why so many people need support as they face moments that lead them to these thoughts
  • Mary Shores talked about the power of serving others as she went from dented to thriving
  • Nick Elvery shared his journey from addiction to peak performance and what sparked the change
  • Jaime Jay got vulnerable as he retold his story of multiple experiences with homelessness to being in a place of gratitude and contentment
  • Dai Manuel talked about the importance of living as you need to, from your own perspective
  • Blaire Palmer showed how the greatest thing we can bet on is ourselves
  • Dov Baron forced us to look at what’s really going on, magnifying it, and then using that insight to truly grow


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