027. Looking Back on Days Done with Bryan Falchuk

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As I come up to my 40th birthday, I thought it would be good to look back on the 26 episodes of the Do a Day Podcast and hit on the amazing guests I’ve had, some of the key messages they’ve shared, and talk about one Vegan day, my effort to use my 40th to help people try being Vegan for one day. It’s a way to use my milestone as a catalyst for others to have a milestone in their lives for their health and the health of the planet. Or just a way for everyone to prove to themselves that they can do anything for a day (obviously, that’s a key part of the Do a Day message)!

And it’s a great chance to give another special shout out to Wes Yee for the great music he created just for this show. Wes does amazing work, if you’re ever looking for a producer. Plus he’s a cool guy.

Key Ideas in the Episode with Bryan Falchuk

  • I kicked the show off sharing the story of Do a Day.
  • Charlie Gilkey shares about how being smart makes you strong.
  • Evan Ruggiero reminds us through his cancer batter that rising up even when half of your world vanishes is possible.
  • Amy Schuber taught us that you are the inspiration you seek.
  • Ryan Caligiuri shared his mantra that there are no set backs, only set ups for what’s next.
  • One of my favorite artists, MC YOGI, talked about how all things grow in darkness
  • Anne Sugar shared her battle with cancer as a way to see how you can trust your body even when it betrays you.
  • Chris Wirth hit on his message of never quitting on living the life you deserve.
  • David Ralph reminded us about the power in our lives if we connect the dots.
  • Claude Silver shared her story (for the first time) of why she is who she is today and how that’s showed her the importance of Heart in leadership.
  • Elizabeth McCourt talked about the empowerment we can take from building our own resilience.
  • Josh LaJaunie shared his story of overcoming extreme obesity–not just for himself, but for the world around him.
  • Michael Nulty talked about his multiple suicide attempts and how he found rebirth out of depression.
  • Mark Metry shared the importance of taking responsibility for your life and what you can achieve as a new person.
  • My good friend, Aaron Keith Hawkins, talked about how we need to have influence over ourselves if we want to influence anyone else.
  • Kelsey Abbott helped us Find Our Awesome through self-confidence and curiosity. She also gave me a quote I’ve used almost daily, “What you I say is about me. What you hear is about you.”
  • Dorie Clark reminds us of the important of perseverance and consistency if we want to achieve our greatest goals.
  • Sonya Looney, world female mountain bike endurance champion, was just awesome, but had a key message around vulnerability and honesty with ourselves. She also gave me another gem of an idea around being stuck. Rather than being negative about the feeling, she recognizes it’s a sign of something big being about to happen.
  • Tim Fargo talked about the humility and balance we can find in unexpected places like failure.
  • The amazing Dr. Jason Brooks shared the importance of being dedicated to finding your purpose and its transformative power on our lives.
  • Jen Arnold shared her story around food and her weight and how that inspired her to change how we look at wellness and knowing ourselves.
  • Lee Havern shared how he overcome depression and recognized the interconnectedness between mental and physical wellness.
  • Emmitt Muckles left us charged up and recognizing that prosperity has nothing to do with money.
  • Terri Levine, who lives in extreme, debilitating pain, showed how you can still find power and heart and use that to create something.
  • Leigh Martinuzzi talked about finding his hidden Why and what that can unlock.
  • The great Dick Vitale shared a power packed message of inspiration and making the choice to get up and move forward no matter what hits you, as he’s done throughout his life.


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