005: No Set Backs, Only Set Ups For What’s Next with Ryan Caligiuri

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Ryan CaligiuriRyan Caligiuri is a marketing, sales, and product development specialist. Ryan is also the host of Cut the Crap Podcast, a weekly show where, along with the author, he breaks NYT and WSJ Best Selling books down to a handful of golden nuggets saving listeners time and providing new ideas every week!

Ryan Caligiuri’s story can be characterized as inspiring and persistent.

At young age of 16, Ryan knew he was going to be a marketer and went to school studying marketing communications. At 22 he contacted the author of the Ultimate Sales Machine, Chet Holmes, a total of 79 times before he responded to him and gave Ryan a chance to learn about sales and marketing. When Chet began to fall ill, he introduced Ryan to sales expert Jay Abraham to continue getting expert counsel in sales and marketing.

Shortly thereafter, Caligiuri began putting his knowledge to work as he took on clients. He made mistakes and he learned many lessons along the way as he grew into an expert in his field. Through his journey he learned how to rapidly develop products and services from the former Chief Marketing Inventor at Proctor and Gamble and now apply that knowledge to the rapid development of products, services, and campaigns.

Everyday he wakes up excited about what he does because he believes in the power of the niches he picked to drive growth for companies – prospecting to generate a pipeline, building thought leadership to drive strong familiarity and credibility, and developing products and services buyers want. In addition to his areas of expertise he pays special attention to the power of Simplicity and the Power of the Mind and the roles they have in our success.

On a personal side, Ryan takes what he does professionally and gives back to people to help them get out of debt and build revenue streams to help them get back on their feet, as well as being a long-time donor to many dog rescue shelters.

Key Points from the Show with Ryan Caligiuri

  • It’s not a set back, it’s a set up for something greater. It’s not a matter of what happens in your life, but what you do with it.
  • Life doesn’t happen to us, it happens for us, Caligiuri reminds us.
  • In life, we don’t know the answers. Life is constant discover. That’s what life is about, so we should always be searching for what matters to us, what we’re interested in, what our values are all about. Keep growing, and keep exploring your mind.
  • We can have a different life. We aren’t limited by what we have or what we believe we have. As Tony Robins says, we need to have a philosophy that empowers us.


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