115. Starting from Where You Are with Rosalyn Palmer

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Rosalyn Palmer is an Emotional Wellbeing Expert, an Advanced Rapid Transformational (RTT) Hypnotherapist and a Certified Coach. Rosalyn was one of the very first to train in RTT with Marisa Peer and has become one of the most sought-after RTT practitioners worldwide.

As bestselling author of the award-winning self-help book: ‘Reset! A Blueprint for a Better Life’, Rosalyn makes emotional wellbeing accessible to all. Rosalyn is also a co-author of Amazon No.1 bestselling self-help books ‘Ignite Your Life for Women’ and ‘Ignite Your Female Leadership’.

Rosalyn co-hosts the popular radio show Girls Around Town on Radio Newark (as the wellbeing expert), has a monthly newspaper column and features regularly on podcasts and in many publications, including most recently Psychology in Practice. She was featured as an Emotional Wellbeing Expert on the Janey Lee Grace show on UK Property Radio.

Formerly the MD/Founder of award-winning PR agency RPPR, Head of Marketing for an international charity and with an enviable CV from leading London agencies in the 80s and 90s, Rosalyn has grown from many challenging life experiences. This colour and tempers her writing, broadcasting and speaking.

Key Points from the Episode with Rosalyn Palmer:

  • Rosalyn Palmer is an Advanced Rapid Transformational Therapist, which is a form of therapy that is am amalgam of Clinical Psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, cognitive behavioral therapy and Neuro-Linguistic Therapy
  • Her work is really about digging up the roots of the weeds rather than just cutting the tops off them
  • She is also a coach, but always starts with the therapy to to address the roots first
  • Before her coaching and therapy work, she was a highly successful PR and Marketing executive
  • She is also a host of a radio show and podcast, and writes many articles on top of her coaching and hosting work, all of which is focused on emotional well-being
  • Like her work in PR and Marketing, language is incredibly helpful in therapy and coaching, and how we relate to and support ourselves
  • In her PR days, she handled some of the biggest people in the motivational world, like Tony Robins and Edward de Bono
  • Growing up, Rosalyn came from a family that did not have means, with her parents being grocers who hadn’t finished school
  • Her parents lost their grocery school when the local government decided to tear everything down to clear out the slum they lived in, making things even tougher
  • Once she got into PR, she was in another universe where Mick Jagger, Daniel Day-Lewis and other major celebrities were in the office regularly
  • Her health started to suffer, and she followed a standard medical approach of taking pills
  • Her health had long been difficult, including being technically dead at 18-months old, leading to a constant flow of antibiotics after she had been saved as a baby
  • Adding the stressful lifestyle of PR in London in the 1980s, her body was buckling under the pressure
  • Alcohol was also a regular part of life in those days, throughout the day, adding to the issues 
  • The people at work were alternative-minded, and advised her on things like acupuncture and other traditional approaches
  • An Ayurvedic doctor finally called it out, saying how she was doing all these alternative, helpful things but also living unsustainably, and she was bound to have a physical or mental breakdown at any moment
  • At this point, she had built her own PR firm, adopted a child with her husband that she never saw, and sold her company to get out of the race
  • She and her family moved to the Bahamas with money in the bank and Rosalyn looking great (partially due to over-exercising and Bulimia)
  • One day, talking to another mother at her children’s school in the Bahamas, she realized how disconnected to her sense of herself her new life had become
  • And then her father had a stroke, so she flew back to London, leaving her husband and kids in the Bahamas
  • Upon landing, she found her dog run over in the road
  • By Christmas, she found she was really struggling physically and with her energy
  • Despite an All Clear at her annual mammogram, something didn’t seem right, so she didn’t accept it and pushed for more testing
  • Sure enough, she was found to have an aggressive form of cancer, and ended up on the operating table 3 weeks later
  • To help increase her chances of recovery and remission, her family moved to an out-island, with an organic farm and no pollution from other people, cars, etc
  • Her family was miserable there, a hurricane took everything, her father had become suicidal, Rosalyn had another cancer scare, and her mother terminal pancreatic cancer
  • But at least she had all this money in the bank…or did she? Her husband had made a series of bad investments without telling her, and lost all their money
  • She returned home to England 5 years after leaving as a millionaire, but now as a single, unemployed mother without any money just in time to see her mother’s death
  • She was at the bottom, truly, and found it was a chance to build up
  • And she did – she remarried, built a new career, and was thriving again
  • Only it didn’t last – her marriage unraveled, the career wasn’t panning out, and her father died on her 50th birthday
  • A friend suggested Rosalyn would make a great therapist because of all she had been through, and she thought, “Why not?”
  • I asked why it didn’t work out after she reset, and if she could be where she got without it
  • What she realized is that the reset and remarriage came in the midst of too many other unsettled things, so something that was perhaps not quite right felt right and felt like sanctuary
  • Coming out of the marriage and early version of her reset career, she started to work with an international charity for people with Leprosy
  • What she realized having worked with these people at the bottom rung of society, suffering from Leprosy in India with nothing – no where to live, no rights, treated like filth – she realized she had been living the wrong life when she went into her second marriage, and that’s why it wasn’t working
  • She reset a second time, and it was harder in many ways because she didn’t have the visible things to reset from (cancer, death of her mother, loss of her home and money) – she looked fine to the world, and yet was miserable
  • She started sharing her story as part of her intention to connect with her path forward
  • In doing that, her book was born out of that story
  • As her story came out, people started to reach out to her about how they were able to face what they were hiding and make the resets and changes they needed to make
  • Often in life, we want to be somewhere, and don’t want to start from where we are
  • But we do have to start from where we are because that’s just where you are, and that isn’t a good enough reason not to go after what you want
  • That means all of us can press the reset button, no matter where we are


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