013. Finding Rebirth Out of Depression with Michael Nulty

By on July 16, 2018

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At the end of 2014, Michael Nulty left behind his highly successful corporate career of over twenty years to follow a dream. But what started as an idyllic beginning to a very new chapter in his life ended up becoming a living hell. As his life unravelled around him,  he lost himself and twenty seven years after he attempted suicide for the first time he was there in that dark place of depression, again.

Michael’s story is remarkable because, in the midst of despair he found hope and a connection that changed his entire perspective and relationship with life. Michael calls this time his awakening. He was on his knees, down and out, ready to bow out of life but, in the darkest of those days he connected with something greater than himself, in what felt like a life of darkness. He was suddenly filled with a knowing that there was something more, something better beyond where he was at that moment.

Michael Nulty’s debut book Getting Beyond What Is – Taking Back Your Lifeopenly shares the secrets and profound lessons, that, enabled him to dramatically change the course of his life. How he got beyond depression, financial ruin, homelessness and being down and out, to taking his life back and creating a wonderful new life full of possibilities, joy and laughter.

Key Points from the Show with Michael Nulty

  • After a successful corporate career of over 20 years, Michael Nulty stepped away from all of that to pursue his true dreams, tied to writing his book, Getting Beyond What Is.
  • The story of his book is one of inspiration to overcome the darkness of depression and apathy rather than succumbing to it. He knows about that struggle all too well as he has come back from two suicide attempts at different points in his life.
  • After years of seeking happiness through outside values like things or external success, Michael Nulty realized how chasing happiness through acquiring other things or achievements will always leave you hollow. It has to come from satisfaction with yourself for who you are.
  • You need to tap into self-love, and the idea that you’re better than this and there is more for you.
  • Appreciate the simple things in your life, which you can only do if you are present and mindful, which then lets happiness into your day to help brighten the darkness. This takes taking action rather than sitting back and closing in when things feel dark.
  • Michael shares his five steps to overcome the daily depression we may face. 1. Prepare yourself for what you’re trying to achieve. 2. Change your story. 3. Feel a different way. 4. Believe you can. 5. Do the work.
  • Think about bolstering your DOSE: Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin and Endorphins.
  • If you don’t feel you have it in you to be happier in the moment, at least be less negative. The movement toward positivity will build, so just keep reducing the negativity and you will find yourself able to be positive.


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