025. Finding Your Hidden Why with Leigh Martinuzzi

Leigh Martinuzzi is The Hidden Why Guy. He is an expert in lifestyle design although he would say that he’s just another guy trying to figure out life.

He is passionate about creating and living a meaningful life – a life that dissolves suffering and regret. As a compassionate guy Leigh wishes to inspire, educate and help others do the same.

He assists people via speaking, mentoring, writing, and podcasting.

Having a corporate background in senior executive positions for various multi-national companies, Leigh made the realisation that his life didn’t make a great deal of sense and decided to redesign his life to give him more freedom, fulfilment, and happiness.

He has successfully transitioned from a dissatisfying existence to living with higher purpose. Now he pays forward what he has learned to help other people do the same.

Leigh is an author of two books Four Pillars of Success, Delegate to Freedom and soon to be published – The Ultimate Life Map. He has a top rated podcast – The Hidden Why that is listened to by thousands of people around the world each week.

Leigh creates tools, resources and inspirational material including The Life Compass, The Ultimate Life Map and Fast Track to Effectiveness to assist others in creating a lifestyle they love.

People describe Leigh as sincere, spiritual, compassionate, driven, curious and highly motivated. He is integral to his values and the autonomous leader of his life. He’s a family man with two beautiful young girls and a supportive and loving wife.

Leigh believes perfection isn’t the goal nor does such a state exist – progress is key. It requires the ability to tap into our inner motivation, follow our passions, and to proceed with integral and undeniable purpose.

Evolution is progress, natural selection ensures survival, a life with meaning results in happiness.

Leigh believes that to break free from conformity and the stagnation of life we first make wake up. In doing so we will genuinely unleash our best potential and realise the absolute beauty that life offers.

Key Points from the Episode with Leigh Martinuzzi

  • Freedom has always been a very powerful draw in his life. That feeling always spoke to him, and he found himself drawn to things that gave him more freedom throughout his life.
  • The flipside of freedom is uncertainty, which he started to realize as he had more freedom as an adult, only coupled with responsibilities that also come with adulthood.
  • The search for what you love and who you are is actually incredibly fun, and is something Leigh has always resonated with.
  • Leigh always sought financial freedom, but more the freedom to do what he wanted to do when he wanted to do it. He always seemed able to make a dollar, so he was less money-focused than purpose-focused with the idea that the money would follow.
  • He spent much of his 20s and 30s searching for what he could do that would give him freedom of time while still supporting him.
  • He landed on a successful career in real estate, but he realized there was a lack of purpose in it. So he stopped. He didn’t just stop doing it, but he and his wife picked everything up, including their two young kids, and set out to explore the world, ending up in Japan for two years.
  • He was after a level of joy – happiness and fulfillment at a deeper level.
  • While in Japan, he worked very heavily and deeply on The Hidden Why and his books.
  • Being in touch with a life that connects with his joy means Leigh wakes up early every morning and goes after his day with energy and focus in a way he wouldn’t do if he wasn’t living in such connection with what matters to him.
  • Leigh is a great example of the ability to wake up to a better life without having to have a single, stark moment or tragedy. What he gives credit for having the wake up and making the shift is a life-long interest in why, what matters, and take in the thoughts of others without judgment and only reflection.
  • As he looked at every source of unease or dissatisfaction in his life, he has found that they are usually the result of self-incurred immaturity. We haven’t yet become our greatest leader or guide in our life and we rely on our external reality more than what’s within, and we suffer for that. This is based on the ideas of Immanuel Kant, the 18th century German philosopher.
  • He likes to think about things in terms of Be, Do and Have. Most of us go with Do, Have and Be. As in, work, get stuff, and then you can be who you are. Actually, we should focus on who we want to be, which then dictates what we do, and what we have is an outcome of that. It’s about values first.


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