022. Why Having a Fit Mind Matters for Your Wellbeing with Lee Havern

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Lee HavernLee Havern had many years of mentoring clients successfully in the Health and Fitness Industry. Then the sudden loss of his father sparked a downward spiral into a depression that lasted over four years. One night, a scare behind the wheel when his car lost control snapped him out of the spiral just as he had hit rock bottom. That was the push he needed to see a better way to live.

He Co-Founded Platinum Training Institute, A Health and Fitness Education Provider in Queen’s University Belfast focused on helping those with real health battles like Cancer, cardiac problems and mental illness, find empowerment and support through their own fitness. He then decided to follow his passion helping others to discover Happiness through Mental Health and Well Being. This is where Fit Mind Matters was born.

Lee Havern shares his journey and his message, along with how he personally lives his life with balance and presence to stay out of the spiral and live the fullest, most satisfying life possible.

Key Points from the Episode with Lee Havern

  • Lee Havern is focused on helping people with health issues that are often overlooked by the fitness community with their physical conditioning as part of their journeys
  • This comes from Lee’s first hand experience struggling with depression and thoughts of ending it all in the wake of losing his father to Cancer
  • Decluttering and removing distractions from our lives is one of the main things Lee has personally focused on for himself to help free him to work on what actually matters to him
  • Through the process after his losing his father, Lee grew in many ways, some some specific changes
  • While he used to be a pleaser and a yes man, he learned that saying yes to everybody is actually saying yes to nobody
  • He became a father and got divorced.
  • He learned a lot about taking responsibility and apologizing to piece his life, his family and his friendships back together
  • Loss can force the forgiveness and healing we need.
  • Sometimes, it takes hitting rock bottom to realize you can’t go any lower. We may need to see the bad to appreciate the good.
  • Having a group that supports you while you go through that rebuilding journey can be crucial.
  • The focus on aesthetics wasn’t resonating with him in his work as a personal trainer and coach, which is what lead him to focusing on people with serious health (mental and physical) issues, which is why he founded Platinum Training Institute as a way to train others on how to train those most in need of physical fitness for the tough journeys they’re on.
  • Lee Havern shut off all of his social media to get even further away from the aesthetic focus on these platforms, and because of how they can pull your attention from what’s right in front of you, so of course he had to close all of his accounts given what he feels is most important in life.
  • Slow it down a bit. Switch everything off, take a deep breath, and close your eyes. That’s meditation at its essence, so allow yourself to do it by turning off the distractions.
  • Lee doesn’t even see a need for the health and fitness industry. If we all prioritized getting out and being in the world, there wouldn’t be a need for it.
  • The major issues people are dealing with that Platinum Training focuses on are all related to mental health. If someone has Cancer, cardiac issues, etc, of course they have mental health issues as a result. It all relates back to helping people with their mind and how they feel about themselves. So that’s what he focuses on in his practice.
  • When we go into a job to make money, that’s the wrong job.
  • Don’t let some outside statement define you or what you do. Learn yourself, do the testing on yourself and see what works for you.
  • Lee and I discussed weighing yourself, and the pros and cons of it. What he has learned is that if he feels overweight, there’s something going on mentally that the weight (or the feeling of being overweight) is a signal of. It’s a signal that, in some way, he’s not looking after himself the way he should.
  • Lee leaves us with three central things to focus on: health, happiness and simplicity.


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