106. Dissolving Inner Conflict for Self-Acceptance with Lakshmi Dev Bowen

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Lakshmi Dev Bowen is a soul fulfillment mentor for the Everything to Everyone Woman who seeks acceptance outside of herself, leaving her feeling disconnected and deeply desiring inner peace.

She has been studying and practicing yoga and spiritual healing for over twenty years and is dedicated to uplifting the planet by positively impacting others through teaching, coaching, and speaking.

Her passion came from healing her own childhood trauma and body hatred issues initiating her to become a Yoga Instructor, now with over 10,000 hours of teaching experience, then becoming a healer, life coach, speaker, and author.

Lakshmi Dev believes in a world where women who’ve been through hell and back create their own heaven on earth for a fulfilled & elevated life of inner peace.

She’s an international empowerment & transformational retreat host bringing women together for memorable and fulfilling experiences of self-nourishment, is a married mom of three living in gorgeous Tucson, Arizona & also loves to spend time immersed in the magic of Costa Rica.

Key Points from the Episode with Lakshmi Dev Bowen:
  • Lakshmi is focused on the ripple of inspiring others, and how they can then inspires others themselves
  • She teaches and practices yoga, and is centered on people being disconnected by their divinity of purpose and inner peace
  • She does coaching, speaking, writing and retreats to help especially women heal from their past and find inner peace
  • Women in this society are often made to feel like they have to be there for others and be perfect, and thus feel a disconnect or a sense of failure if they have their own struggles
  • She tries to help women see that they don’t have to be somewhere or some way at any point in their life to dissolve their inner conflict and get to self acceptance
  • When there’s something within that needs acceptance, you tend to feel a sense of disconnection from some aspect of your life, or more broadly with it overall
  • Trauma shows up in all of us differently, based on how we internal and give meaning to circumstances
  • For Lakshmi, she internalized that trauma to be self-hatred
  • As a young child, her family moved on the back of a divorce that severed many things in her life that she felt good about
  • Her parents had a messy divorce with her dad struggling with drinking, bad babysitters who were not good roll models, her mother working a lot to support the family, and having a lot of hand-me-down and thrift store clothes
  • All of this fueled a sense of embarrassment 
  • While in the care of different family friends while her mother was working, Lakshmi was sexually abused by four different people over a number of years
  • This made her believe deeply and truly that something was wrong with her
  • Lakshmi’s shame from all of this is really based on the shame of the person who caused the shame – she carried it for them.
  • Growing up, she always had a sense that there was something wrong with her and that she would be abandoned.
  • There was constant chaos from age five to ten until her mother got remarried and had a new child with her new husband, which fueled a further sense within Lakshmi that she didn’t matter.
  • By the age of 14, she started doing drugs and drinking, and had already tried to commit suicide once.
  • The healing work Lakshmi has done helped her realize that our trauma is not who we are
  • She became so obsessed with her body, the size of it, how she looked, etc, leading to a struggle with Bulimia from age 16 to 32
  • As she has gone through her healing journey, the old stories don’t go away, we just learn to see them for what they are
  • The struggles went on in her younger years, including being arrested, being addicted to Crystal Meth and more.
  • We talked about the societal pressure to “just get over it,” which is really about the other person not wanting to be uncomfortable than about you working through and moving past your trauma
  • Lakshmi discovered yoga, which is where her self-awareness started to grow up
  • If you are not centered in your body, you will not be in a place to move to your truth, and yoga is a beautiful way to bring yourself back into yourself
  • We talked about positivity vs. negativity, and the two mindsets, positive and negative.
  • Lakshmi does not believe in just having a positive mindset, and follows the Kundalini Yoga idea that we need both in balance so we know what to be mindful of from the negative, and use the positive to see the power and beauty in ourselves to face these things and thrive
  • Finding the love in ourselves first is what allows us to have love for others
  • Shame and how it passes from person to person is something Lakshmi talks about a lot, and has a very interesting take on.
  • If you hurt someone because you are hurt, you put your shame on them, who then feels there’s something bad about them either that brought your action upon them or as a result of what you did. And they will likely pass that to someone else after being in a shameful place themselves.
  • Lakshmi had to learn to be open and have hope that there’s more out there, especially when she was living in a very hopeless situation


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