016. Self-Confidence & Curiosity Are Musts to Find Your Awesome with Kelsey Abbott

Kelsey Abbott is a Confidence Coach & Instigator of Joy, writer, speaker and host of the Find Your Awesome podcast. She helps driven people crush self doubt so they can experience unstoppable growth with ease and freedom. To do that, she helps her clients learn to really truly love themselves, shed the shoulds, embrace their unique greatness and sparkle.

Kelsey studied at the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (IPEC) where she earned certifications as a Certified Professional Coach, Energy Leadership Master Practitioner and Cor.E Performance coach. She also studied at the Applied Nueroscience Institute, earning her NeuroPositive Certificate in using neuroscience to change how the brain processes challenges.

Before becoming a Confidence Coach, Kelsey was a nationally-recognized science writer and marine biologist, working in DC, Seattle, Hawaii and Barbados, training dolphins and studying killer whales in the process. A competitive swimmer for most of her life, Kelsey transitioned to triathlons where she now competes at the national and international level.

Key Ideas in the Episode with Kelsey Abbott

  • Kelsey was an athlete, but stumbled into triathlon after a classmate in grad school asked her to do one, and she was hooked.
  • Despite her physical capability, Kelsey struggled with self-image and confidence, like so many of us. That uniquely positioned her to focus on confidence in her coaching work later in life.
  • While others might look at her and see physical capabilities, she remembers her view of herself as different and feeling like everyone else knows what they are doing and she doesn’t. Between her height (she’s nearly six feet tall), had some learning disabilities early on and was shy. Kelsey’s story is a great reminder of the importance of not judging a book by its cover. We never know what story is going on inside.
  • Through personal training and triathlon coaching, she realized people needed more than just the training, but needed boundaries and help with self-love to realize what they were capable of.
  • While she worked with teenager girls, she found that adults actually had a tougher time here, especially being able to make space for themselves and their needs. The way she puts it, the adults she worked with weren’t honoring themselves.
  • We talked about our inner critic, and Kelsey reminded us that we all have it, it can be valuable and it can be dangerous. We need to be mindful of it and learn how to control it. Take the value from the warnings and challenges it can give us without letting it become overly negative and the definition of our true selves.
  • When we think someone is making us feel bad, that is a signal that we should check ourselves and whether this even has anything to do with you. Are you taking something personally that has nothing to do with you? Even if their words have something to do with you, might it be a result of something going on with them? She shared a quote she had on her wall, “What I say is about me. What you hear is about you.”
  • She reminded us that when we face and get through a tough time, it’s a come back not a go back. We don’t have to go back to where we were with all the limitations we faced, but rather take the growth from it and seize the opportunity for growth in a new direction.


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