012. How One Man Rose Up to Change a Culture with Josh LaJaunie

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Josh LaJaunie was born and raised in South Louisiana hunting, fishing, drinking, eating, playing football and getting fat. Ultimately, he found himself tipping the scales at over 400 pounds, and trapped in a culture that celebrated big eating. Since breaking 400 pounds, Josh has changed dramatically.

Josh LaJaunie

He has lost over 200 pounds, developed a love for running, and is now exclusively plant-based, plant-powered and an aspiring athlete who has completed not just a lot of running races, but many ultra-endurance races – a feat that never would have even been in consideration for the old Josh.

He has since dedicated himself to helping others get control of their health and has literally inspired tens of thousands of people. He has been on The Rich Roll Podcast (RRP #63 and RRP #152), Live Today with Megan Kelly, Plant Yourself, and Runners World (both their podcast and the cover of the magazine).

Josh shares his amazing journey with all the Day Doers out there in episode 11 of the podcast.

Key Points from the Show with Josh LaJaunie

  • Josh LaJaunie, having grown up in the deep South, was merely going along with the culture–including all of the food choices within it–that he was surrounded by. Doing that made him fit in, but also meant he was dangerously obese and headed faster and faster toward health threats as his weight continued to increase.
  • As he started to have successes in his life with the pursuit of more education, he found himself contrasting his pride in his accomplishments with a desire to be equally proud of himself physically. He decided to draw a line in the sand and invest in making a physical commitment to match his academic commitment, and started exercising with purpose and intensity.
  • Through the physical journey, he started to realize that the food choices of the culture he was so engrained in were working against him and those he loved, and found himself waking up to the need for greater change.
  • He adopted a plant-based diet, took up running, and started to see real change, eventually losing over 200 pounds. It was hard for those around him not to take notice, and for his love for them to allow him to sit idly by and not try to help them, too. That’s where Josh LaJaunie, the man on a health mission, came into being.
  • Josh has not only lost and kept off a tremendous amount of weight–he’s lost more weight than most adult males weigh themselves–but has become a prolific running, having conquered short distance events right up through the ultramarathon distance events he finds he enjoys most. This from a man who, by all accounts, probably would not be alive today, or at least would be staring death in the face. Instead, he’s thriving.
  • Today, Josh is committed to helping others learn the simple power of plants and running so they can save their lives, too, and works across a number of methods and channels to give people the tools they need to do just that.


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