128. The End of the Day

The Do a Day Podcast from Bryan FalchukThis is the final episode of the show! After 128 episodes, I have decided to practice that I preach, and make the tough call on priorities and pressures in my life, which means this show will be setting with the sun today. Whether that’s forever or for now is not relevant because “forever” is not happening today.

With all the demands on my time, I have been facing my own burnout – something I’ve had as a central theme in many episodes in this show. To protect and love myself, I’ve taken an inventory of all the things that I am committed to, where they are in the grand scheme of building toward my goals, whether they’ve served their purpose, and how I might be able to move forward without them. Though it was a hard decision I’ve grappled with for several months, ending the show here made a lot of sense.

Do a Day is not going anywhere, however, with all the resources at your fingertips, as ever. You can still get the book in paperback, Kindle, Audible, Apple Books, Google Play Books, Nook and more. You can still do the Do a Day Masterclass, or sign up for 1-on-1 coaching with me. And the entire back catalog of episodes of the show will still be available for you to go back, listen to, and grow from.

With all the stories and inspiration in the 127 episodes that I’ve released before this final one, I know there is at least one spark that every person in the world could use to start the flame that lets you Go Out and Do It!

Respect for all my past guests:

Season 1

  • I kicked the show off sharing the story of Do a Day.
  • Charlie Gilkey shares about how being smart makes you strong.
  • Evan Ruggiero reminds us through his cancer batter that rising up even when half of your world vanishes is possible.
  • Amy Schuber taught us that you are the inspiration you seek.
  • Ryan Caligiuri shared his mantra that there are no set backs, only set ups for what’s next.
  • One of my favorite artists, MC YOGI, talked about how all things grow in darkness
  • Anne Sugar shared her battle with cancer as a way to see how you can trust your body even when it betrays you.
  • Chris Wirth hit on his message of never quitting on living the life you deserve.
  • David Ralph reminded us about the power in our lives if we connect the dots.
  • Claude Silver shared her story (for the first time) of why she is who she is today and how that’s showed her the importance of Heart in leadership.
  • Elizabeth McCourt talked about the empowerment we can take from building our own resilience.
  • Josh LaJaunie shared his story of overcoming extreme obesity–not just for himself, but for the world around him.
  • Michael Nulty talked about his multiple suicide attempts and how he found rebirth out of depression.
  • Mark Metry shared the importance of taking responsibility for your life and what you can achieve as a new person.
  • My good friend, Aaron Keith Hawkins, talked about how we need to have influence over ourselves if we want to influence anyone else.
  • Kelsey Abbott helped us Find Our Awesome through self-confidence and curiosity. She also gave me a quote I’ve used almost daily, “What you I say is about me. What you hear is about you.”
  • Dorie Clark reminds us of the important of perseverance and consistency if we want to achieve our greatest goals.
  • Sonya Looney, world female mountain bike endurance champion, was just awesome, but had a key message around vulnerability and honesty with ourselves. She also gave me another gem of an idea around being stuck. Rather than being negative about the feeling, she recognizes it’s a sign of something big being about to happen.
  • Tim Fargo talked about the humility and balance we can find in unexpected places like failure.
  • The amazing Dr. Jason Brooks shared the importance of being dedicated to finding your purpose and its transformative power on our lives.
  • Jen Arnold shared her story around food and her weight and how that inspired her to change how we look at wellness and knowing ourselves.
  • Lee Havern shared how he overcome depression and recognized the interconnectedness between mental and physical wellness.
  • Emmitt Muckles left us charged up and recognizing that prosperity has nothing to do with money.
  • Terri Levine, who lives in extreme, debilitating pain, showed how you can still find power and heart and use that to create something.
  • Leigh Martinuzzi talked about finding his hidden Why and what that can unlock.
  • The great Dick Vitale shared a power packed message of inspiration and making the choice to get up and move forward no matter what hits you, as he’s done throughout his life.

Season 2

  • Steve Gordon showed how falling down may be necessary to reach new heights
  • Robb Holman talked about the power of letting go so we can find meaning and purpose
  • Lindsey Heiserman inspired us to not let our past stories be part of our right now
  • Charise Colbert shared her journey coming out of domestic abuse
  • Sara Quiriconi talked to us about how to live free of all the cancers in our life
  • Syd Finkelstein on how to be a Super Boss leader
  • Ariana Robinson Danquah shared how to rise up when you’re stuck in the middle
  • Jon DeWaal gripped us with his story of falling off a roof and how that helped him see how to get through life’s toughest transitions
  • John Zeratsky talked about what he discovered to achieve the most, and it has nothing to do with productivity
  • Josh Perry taught the power of gratitude even in the face of life’s greatest challenges if you want to come through them thriving
  • Mark Crandall shared his trauma story to help us see how facing our trauma’s allows for growth
  • Adam Schaeuble got us all fired up, and he also inspired with his approach to reimagining your life – and making it come true
  • Sandy Vo talked about her journey to find clarity and peace despite a foundation of turmoil
  • Cornell Thomas is the epitome of the “What’s Next?” attitude winning over the “Why Me?” mentality
  • Sandra Younger taught us her Come Back approach to be a victor, not a victim of tragedy
  • Jenn Swanson talked about her journey off loss, gratitude and realization that you are your best investment
  • Howard Jacobson shared how losing his father inspired his mission to fight diseases of ignorance with the wisdom of lifestyle
  • Brooke Siem retold her amazing journey navigating her way out of a life of medication for mental illness into a life of discovery
  • Tanur Badgley showed how to become a person of purpose through his journey starting with a fall off the side of a mountain
  • Gary Bertwistle talked about the power of authenticity and discovering your mojo
  • Frank King went into how thoughts of suicide taught him to go after what he really wanted, and why so many people need support as they face moments that lead them to these thoughts
  • Mary Shores talked about the power of serving others as she went from dented to thriving
  • Nick Elvery shared his journey from addiction to peak performance and what sparked the change
  • Jaime Jay got vulnerable as he retold his story of multiple experiences with homelessness to being in a place of gratitude and contentment
  • Dai Manuel talked about the importance of living as you need to, from your own perspective
  • Blaire Palmer showed how the greatest thing we can bet on is ourselves

Season 3

  • Dov Baron forced us to look at what’s really going on, magnifying it, and then using that insight to truly grow
  • Episode 056. Transporting From Darkness to Your Future Vision with Sarah Centrella
  • Episode 057. Accept Where You Are to Move Forward with Natalie Jani
  • Episode 058. Accepting The Gift of No Regret with Kirsty Salisbury
  • Episode 059. Surrendering to The Facts To Realize Opportunity with Madeleine Black
  • Episode 060. The Power of Worthiness from Within with Dr. James Kelley
  • Episode 061. Redirecting Your Life by Realizing You Matter with Fernando Flores
  • Episode 062. Shifting Your Choices to Shift Your Life with Michael O’Brien
  • Episode 063. The Therapeutic Power of Running with William Pullen
  • Episode 064. To Be Safe, Loved & Worthy with Terah Harrison
  • Episode 065. Find Your Voice Through Mindfulness with Bruce Langford
  • Episode 066. The Power of Being Prepared with Jay Gabrani
  • Episode 067. The Human Connection of Storytelling with The Ridiculously Human Guys (Gareth Martin & Craig Haywood)
  • Episode 068. Life is About Creating Yourself with Lonnee Rey
  • Episode 069. Honor Your Emotions to Choose the Path Forward with Karen Millsap
  • Episode 070. True Success Comes From Our Spirit with Nichole Sylvester
  • Episode 071. Bonus Episode: Reflecting on Doing 3,032 Days with Bryan Falchuk
  • Episode 072. Do the Time to Change Lives with Coss Marte
  • Episode 073. Life as an Inquisitive, Crooked Journey with Mark Nepo
  • Episode 074. Seeing the Gift of Adversity with Marcus Aurelius Anderson
  • Episode 075. Find the Answers Within to What You Need with Michelle Bronson
  • Episode 076. Life’s Challenges Can Illuminate Our Path with Sharon Falchuk (my wife!)
  • Episode 077. Loving Yourself Enough to Come Back After a Fall with CrisMarie Campbell
  • Episode 078. The Paradox in Connecting to The World’s Needs with Erik Bergman
  • Episode 079. Sparking the Inner Fight to Make Change with Marcus Smith
  • Episode 080. Internal Validation for What We Need with Maggie Berghoff
  • Episode 081. Smash Your Anxiety by Embracing Change with Jesse Harless

Season 4

  • Wally Carmichael joined us to talk about true abundance
  • Ryan Stratis of American Ninja Warrior joined us as he struggled with the question of what he does going forward, and ended up announcing retiring from ANW after the episode aired
  • Steve Austin joined to talk about trauma leading to shame that festered and lead to a suicide attempt
  • Carlee Myers talked about ways to remove the stress we face in life that ends up defining our existence
  • Michael Levitt, a good friend and beautiful human being, shared how to remove and recover from burnout in our lives
  • Drew Taddia joined to share his personal story of perseverance and hard work to achieve what you really care about
  • James Roberts, a Paralympian, who shares what he learned in not letting a disability block him from doing things he loved and staying fit and healthy
  • Susan Clarke, whose partner CrisMarie Campbell came on last season, shared her journey with trauma and cancer and what she built in her life from that struggle
  • Serena Sabala talked about her experience growing up with a father with mental illness, and how we all need more awareness of mental illness and the tools to protect ourselves from it in our own lives through staying balanced and healthy across the spectrum
  • Carol Hanson talked about the power of self-image, which came from her battle with Anorexia
  • Singer-Songwriter Jackson Gillies, who American Idol fans will recognize, shared his journey with Type 1 Diabetes and HS, learning to listen to his body and what it needs to keep these conditions under control
  • Kacie Main, who Gave Up Men for Lent (which is the name of her book), talks about finding out who she really is on the back of a relationship ending, that redefined how she lives her life
  • Justin Stenstrom joined to talk about how he struggled intensely with anxiety and depression, and the journey he went on to find tools to manage both of them, which he details in his latest book
  • Emi Kirschner talked about her path through divorce and business to understand the power of knowing yourself and being comfortable with that if you want to succeed in business
  • Sam and Paddy Cullinane, the Not So Perfect Couple, talked about their marriage story, which includes divorcing at one point, working on themselves, and coming together in a beautiful way that they share to help other couples love better
  • Mariah Heller, who suffers from Elhers-Danlos syndrome, lives with chronic pain every day and developed approaches to physical fitness that respect that pain rather than worsening it
  • Nathan Todd, who was born with Cerebral Palsy, talks about the power of the labels we choose to put on ourselves and how they can hold us back or allow us to move forward
  • Episode 100 was my chance to bring together two of my favorite people, Cornell Thomas and Michael O’Brien, to talk about resilience and connection in a seriously beautiful episode
  • Sunday Burquest, who was on Survivor Millennials vs. Gen-X, talks about her non-stop struggle to survive despite loss and hardship throughout her life, and her battle with cancer before going on the show. Sunday is battling cancer again right now, so we are all thinking of her and pulling for her.
  • Carolyn Colleen shared a very powerful story of abuse and extreme hardship, including leaving an abuse marriage with a toddler to live in a shelter and build a new life that lead to not only great success and achievement, but powerful tools to get through extreme hardships and struggles we all face
  • Emily Gough, who was surprised to find that her boyfriend had still been seeing his ex, who he moved across the street from Emily and his house. She ended up traveling on her own and learning so much about herself in the process
  • Paul Stretton-Stevens, who has been medically retired three times in life, talks about how we can view these closing doors as the end, or see what else we can do to move forward
  • Andrew Hood battled with extreme anxiety as his finances fell apart but he had to put on a happy face and seem fine to the outside world. When his wife and father brought him out of the shame of hidden pain, his open sharing of what he experienced changed his life and others
  • Lakshmi Dev Bowen, who grew up with abuse and a struggle with sex, drugs and alcohol, then found a re-centering through yoga, which completely changed her life.

Season 5

  • Episode 108. Finding Your Road to Health with Tamar Medford
  • Episode 109. Breaking Into Your Life with Michelle Dickinson
  • Episode 110. From People-Pleasing to Self-Worth with Jen Gutfriend
  • Episode 111. The Power of Asking with Crystal & Mark Hansen
  • Episode 112. From Darkness to Radiating Love with Minh Minh Garner
  • Episode 113. Facing Anger to Move Past Trauma with Amanda Huffman
  • Episode 114. Looking at Yourself with Purpose with Paul Forchione
  • Episode 115. Starting From Where You Are with Rosalyn Palmer
  • Episode 116. Devotion to Caring Genuinely with Tyler Tolbert
  • Episode 117. Compassion & Perseverance to Survive with Ethan Zohn
  • Episode 118. Rebelling for Something Greater with Shelley Paxton
  • Episode 119. Responsibility for Who You Get to Be with Ali Moore
  • Episode 120. Embrace Your Vulnerability to Grow with Kate Harvey
  • Episode 121. The Choice of Mindset with Zulma Berenice
  • Episode 122. Creating Clarity & Control for Your Legacy with Vicki Wusche
  • Episode 123. Personal Responsibility for Your Life with Kim Sutton
  • Episode 124. Finding Your Reason to Breathe with Sarah Ross
  • Episode 125. Creating a Fertile Life with Erica Hoke
  • Episode 126. The Art of Human Care with Dr. Hassan Tetteh
  • Episode 127.  Creating a Growth Movement from Pain with Justin Schenck


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