023. The Path of Prosperity Has Nothing to Do with Money with Emmitt Muckles

Emmitt Muckles is an Author, Podcaster and speaker/ corporate trainer. Emmitt’s mission is to share the knowledge of conscious unlimited living. His current project is the Billionaire Lifestyle Podcast interviewing conscious creators helping audiences self mind coach and feel connected.

Even though Emmitt was successful vocationally, with the creation of The Billionaire Lifestyle LLC, and The Billionaire Lifestyle Podcast/blog Emmitt was seeking what he calls an intended purposeful life, as part of the pact derived from his departed mother Juanita Terry-Muckles teachings and guidance. It was this driving endeavor that fueled the creative process that led to  “The Journey of One”.” To Emmitt it is all about servitude, giving what I was given.”

Emmitt has been writing privately for the last 20 years and has decided to begin sharing his talents with the world through speaking, podcasting and writing to inspire and motivate the potential in every living person.

Key Points from the Interview with Emmitt Muckles

  • We are all literally connected, not only through DNA, but trough air – we are all on the same planet, doing similar things and all that we do impacts everyone else. We have more in common than we think, even if we have different lives.
  • It’s up to me to do something. I can’t wait for someone else to do what I want done.
  • The Billionaire Lifestyle, Emmitt’s show and company, has nothing to do with money. Rather than being a financial billionaire, it’s about having that level of life wealth, if you will. It’s about richness in terms of experiences, values and a sense of yourself. He shared how, between your elbow and the tip of your finger, there are over a billion cells, so you are made up of billions – billions of lives (since each cell is alive).
  • Emmitt’s goal is to free 100 million people from this path of pursuing what they don’t really care about in a mindless way.
  • When you have an epiphany in your life and you’re in a relationship with someone who hasn’t had a similar shift, that can create a rift as it can lead two people who were on a similar path to be on divergent paths.
  • When you focus on what you really want in your life, it may not as you imagine it or how you want it, but it comes, and you need to be ready for and open to it.
  • Are you living a life on purpose or on accident. Are you living a life around accomplishing what you care about? Are you accumulating experiences in your life.
  • When Emmitt removed the things he didn’t care about in his life, he realized he was still paying for them (literally), which was even more of a sign that having them in his life was holding him back.
  • Every night before he falls asleep, Emmitt gives thanks for what he has in life. He pauses to appreciate what he has instead of focusing on what he doesn’t have. It’s about giving gratitude.
  • We talked about whether you need to go through the tough stuff to be able to learn how to avoid them and values what you should have, or can you just appreciate the good stuff without experiencing the bad stuff. Emmitt pointed out how many of us are already living with the things we don’t want or need, so the question may be irrelevant.
  • Are you carrying bonus baggage unnecessarily? Are you carrying things that aren’t yours? Do you have things weighing you down that are keeping you from living a free, abundant life?
  • Emmitt talked about a friend who came from a very strong community of family – something we have gotten away from. It’s about giving up self in support of the community, which many of us don’t naturally do.
  • Our spiritual and emotional progress does not equal or has not advanced as fast as our technological progress.
  • We cut ourselves off from all that the human dynamic has when we separate ourselves from each other.
  • The mind, the body and the spirit are all needed to achieve the billionaire lifestyle Emmitt talks about.
  • Emmitt reminds us not to worry about the path because it will be revealed to you as long as you continue in the direction of what you want.
  • When you plant a seed for something, don’t expect to get the fruit where you plant the seed. When you plant an apple seed in the ground, don’t look at the ground for the fruit because it will come from above you. So when you put work into something, the payback for that effort may come from a totally unexpected place.
  • There’s nothing new under the sun. Whatever you are looking for, someone has found it before, so look around, read, and you can find the path.
  • When we pray, that’s us talking our god. When we meditate, that’s our god’s chance to talk to us.
  • Have things that have value that you have given it rather than value that the world gives it. So many times, we are told to value things, but that doesn’t mean they have real value to us. We should question what value this inanimate thing gives to us.
  • Everything has its art. When you see someone who does something really well, they’re in their flow because they’re in the art of it. Other people see it as an action, and think they can do that thing, but they don’t necessarily come to understand the art.
  • Everything has a moment of action and a moment of rest. You’re never in one state perpetually.


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