011. Finding The Empowerment of Resilience with Elizabeth McCourt

Elizabeth McCourtThe Do a Day PodcastMy guest on this episode is Elizabeth McCourt, President and Founder of McCourt Leadership Group. She helps people embrace their whole self and get real with who they are, so they can parlay that into leadership and business success. She is also a coach with the World Economic Forum and volunteers to coach with the UN Leadership Program. Before starting her own company, Elizabeth was a  top-ranked executive recruiter in financial services for Fortune 100 companies. Before that, she was a trial lawyer where she worked on the plaintiff’s side for product liability and class actions in both federal and state court, including working on the class action against Big Tobacco.

Sin in the Big EasyI had her on the show for two reasons. One is to share the brilliant insights about resilience and mindset, which is how I discovered her after watching her excellent TEDx talk entitled, “Why You Should Spill Your Secrets.” She had some amazing wisdom to share from her expertise in this area that I know everyone will value.

The second reason is that Elizabeth McCourt is also an author of fiction, her novel, Sin in the Big Easy, getting published in March 2018. Anytime someone achieves something as big as publishing a book when it’s outside their core career. There is always a story of perseverance and overcoming in situations like that, which Elizabeth shared in this episode.

Elizabeth McCourtFor fun she is an avid triathlete, longtime yogi and writes and publishes essays and fiction. In March, 2018, her novel Sin in the Big Easy will be published by Post Hill Press.

Key Points from the Show with Elizabeth McCourt

  • Elizabeth McCourt had a successful career as an attorney, and then as a headhunter. Despite financial reward, she wasn’t feeling personal reward.
  • She stresses the value of the non-linear path to success. Things aren’t perfect, and we will have struggles and ups and downs. Allowing for that allows us the freedom to try things, take risks, and potentially discover the biggest wins of our lives. But if we fear any rockiness, we may shy away from the things that allow us to grow the most and achieve the greatest goals we seek.
  • We spent a lot of time on the idea of resilience. It’s a big part of Elizabeth’s backstory, having struggled as a kid with fitting in, bullying and being shy and reserved. Resilience, she feels, is something that is in her genes, but is also something we can all learn and build, regardless of the level of resilience we’ve had or not had in the past, or whether we think we ‘inherited’ it (whether through genetics or our experiences as we grew up). Ultimately, it can be a choice to be resilient, even if it is a hard one, where you can choose in any tough moment to pick yourself up and move forward instead of letting the event shut you down from any future possibility. In the non-linear path to success, this is a key input into not letting any failure keep you from moving from failure to success.
  • One of the ways to build resilience is to build a supportive community around you. Aligning with people who support your strength, and see you as resilient, capable and full of opportunity means you will have the right values around you when you need them the most.
  • When you have a community like this around you, it’s important to be vulnerable and open with it so that those around you can see who you really are, understand what you’re seeking for yourself, and truly stand with you.


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