009. How Joining Up The Dots Creates a Path to Goals with David Ralph

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David RalphDavid Ralph is an extremely attractive (his words) host of the top-ranked online show Join Up Dots, where in each episode he takes his guests on a journey of discovery following the words of the late Steve Jobs. David launched his podcast Join Up Dots in April 2014. His show is now listened to in 182 countries around the world, with over 5 Million downloads and over 900 episodes so far (mine was episode 721).

From birth to today and back again, David Ralph joins up the dots of his guests lives, highlighting their failures and successes (with more than a few laughs in between) as he leads them to the time travel section “The Sermon On The Mic” where they have the chance to speak to their younger selves and share the advice they have gained.

This is a hugely powerful and inspirational show that has gained a massive audience in over 160 countries, and with its fun and quirky style is one that is fresh, unique and inspiring. David Ralph has done over 1,000 episodes (mine was episode 721), and his show has been downloaded over 5 Million times as of publishing this interview.

Join Up DotsDavid Ralph is an ex-corporate trainer, with a wife, five kids, a grandson, a cat, and a snail (that might actually be dead already…who can tell?). He’s also very funny, if you can’t tell. His entire business is a result of his podcast and as the UK’s #1 podcaster, he’s regularly asked to speak at places like Pod Fest. He’s most recently put everything he knows about podcasting into his new training program for podcasters, Podcasters Mastery, so you can get the results you’re looking for and have a successful podcast that fuels your business.

Key Points from the Show with David Ralph

  • David’s journey included a past a corporate trainer that was increasingly less and less aligned with his interests
  • He’s always been a bit of a broadcaster and interviewer, having recorded interviews with various people form a young age, so it was a bit inevitable that David would become a podcaster focused on interviewing interesting people with stories of different key points in their lives that join up together like a connect-the-dots picture
  • David’s focus is on helping people see the path in their story, and finding where they should head and why given how those dots join up. He sees how important it is to find what the story of your path is so you can understand where you should be spending your energy.
  • As he’s interviewed over 1,000 guests now, he’s learned lessons (the hard way) about balance, priorities and protecting his own wellness or he would burnout and not be able to keep pursuing what he cares most about. A lesson all of us (including me!) can learn from.
  • Being interested in other people, even more than in yourself at times, can help you see different options, approaches and opportunities you might find yourself drawn to pursue.


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