010. Why Finding Your Heart is the Key to Leadership with Claude Silver

The Do a Day PodcastClaude SilverI am so excited to bring you Claude Silver, Chief Heart Officer of VaynerMedia and close colleague of Gary Vaynerchuk.

Claude Silver has made it her mission to humanise workplaces and is passionate about creating work environments where people thrive and grow.  She is the perfect person to leader VaynerMedia’s ‘people first’ ethos as she walks her talk and leads with huge amounts of heart.

Claude’s message is around humanizing workplaces by recognizing everyone as a key contributor who has experiences, values and perspectives to share. She also has a backstory that built her into the values-first leader she is today, which she shares openly and vulnerably in this episode.

Key Points from the Show with Claude Silver

  • Claude Silver’s current story is one focused on people, supporting them, and helping draw out their true potential as individuals and as a group.
  • Her backstory is key to her present story, as she herself saw much success (in a career as a young, nationally-ranked tennis star) and much distress and destruction through choices that worked against her, including a struggle with addiction and ending up in an abusive relationship.
  • In the midst of her pain, someone took the time to “see her”, meaning to see the real person within and the values and heart at her core. Giving her the validation and space to acknowledge what really mattered to her gave her the pause to turn inward and understand herself in a way that has been pivotal in her growth and achievement since then. It’s also part of why her message and approach has resonated so strongly with so many people.
  • Through her own pain, she learned first hand why being in touch with your values and valuing yourself, and having the support of those around you to be in touch with those things can be a defining difference between the most successful people, and those who struggle.
  • She hits on the difference between speed and hustle. Hustle is something that’s ingrained in our veins, and we may not be able to teach it. It’s about values, not just effort and production. Speed, on the other hand, is more of a skill that we can learn and build, but perhaps lacks some of the personality and determination that hustle includes. It’s the difference between being good and being a legend.
  • We also talk about burnout, and how self-awareness and self-empathy can be important to battle burnout in our lives. Know how hard you’re burning, and have the space to allow yourself to pull back or make priority calls to protect yourself.


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