002. Being Smart Makes You Stronger with Charlie Gilkey

The Do a Day PodcastMy guest on this episode is Charlie Gilkey, who helps people take meaningful action on the stuff that matters most. His website, ProductiveFlourishing.com, is one of the top websites for planning and productivity for professional creatives, entrepreneurs, small business owners, and change-driven executives. He’s a sought-after speaker and advisor on small business growth and business strategy, specializing in systems, team development, planning, and positioning. A PhD candidate in philosophy and a former Army logistics officer, his work is grounded in theory at the same time that’s practical and actionable. 

Charlie GilkeyCharlie thrives helping creative small business owners and executives deconstruct their businesses and rearrange the puzzle pieces so that the most time is spent on the activities that matter most to both the business and the people running it. His mission is ultimately to help creative people thrive in business and life. His clients are go-getters, world changers and big thinkers with vision and drive. But they’re also deeply compassionate with dreams of making the world a better place. To help them, Charlie combines advising, coaching, consulting, and teaching methodologies when working one-on-one, in organizations, and as he develops his online resources, worksheets, and classes.

Key Points from the Show with Charlie Gilkey

  • When things seem too hard, that can be when we’re most able to find a better path because we have no choice. We just need to be willing to allow for that.
  • We all have our stories, and they’re just ours. Theres no need to rate them or compare them to the story anyone else has lived.
  • When you’re an entrepreneur, difficulties can be amplified if you allow them to be because it’s all ultimately on you. And, unless you seek it out, you don’t have people around you to turn to for support–unless you build that network and open yourself up to it.
  • Often, difficult situations compound, so the feeling that you just need to get through this one thing and all will be ok isn’t realistic. You need to build the capability to flourish regardless of what may befall you.
  • When you fall down, you need a way to stay involved and get back onto a productive path so opportunity to thrive hasn’t passed you by when you’re ready to get back into it.
  • Charlie shares a beautiful quote from Ian Maclaren about the consideration we need to have for others, and even ourselves. “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.”


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