031. Know Yourself to Empower and Protect Your World with Charise Colbert

Charise Colbert is a life purpose coach, speaker, and founder of Golden Life Living. As a survivor of domestic violence, she knows the importance of self-discovery, tapping into your purpose, pursuing your passion, and choosing better over bitter.

Charise works to empower others to pinpoint their goals, remove blocks, and pursue a life of purpose with confidence and clarity through self-reflection and personal development. She draws lessons from personal experiences, comprehensive research, resources and tools used to transform her own life, and utilizing techniques learned via a coaching certification program. She is on a mission to help others tap into the power within and make their lives golden now.

Charise’s 5 questions

  1. Who are you?
  2. What do you believe?
  3. What are your gifts?
  4. What type of relationships are you nurturing?
  5. Who or what are you allowing to control you?


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