001. How Do a Day Saved My Life with Bryan Falchuk

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Bryan Falchuk

Here it is – the first episode of the Do a Day Podcast, featuring me, Bryan Falchuk, host of the show. I’ve been building up to this show since Do a Day originally came out in March 2017. One of the things I wanted to do was write a sequel sharing the stories of others who are out there, overcoming challenges and Doing a Day every day.

After being on over 100 podcasts and radio shows, it became really clear to me that an even better way to get this message out there was to let these amazing people tell it in their own words and voices. That’s when the idea for the Do a Day Podcast was born. It’s my chance to share the stories of some of the most inspiring Day Doers out there with you.

Before I do that, I wanted to be sure everyone had an understanding of who I am, where I come from, and what Do a Day is all about. That’s where this episode comes in. It is me telling my story and the idea of Do a Day so you can take that in and be ready for the interviews I share with you.

I’ll let you jump into the show, and can’t wait to hear feedback and thoughts from all of you. Be sure to subscribe to the show on iTunes, review the show, and share your feedback – I want to hear from you!

A special shout out to Wes Yee for the great music he created just for this show. A true talent and a great guy!

Key Ideas in the Episode with Bryan Falchuk

  • We all through things, and it isn’t about whether what we experience is tougher or easier than what anyone else experiences. What we live through is part of our story, it’s valid, and it influences who we are
  • Before we do any self-work, we need to spend time valuing ourselves, seeing us as capable and believing that we deserve to have a better life
  • We are motivated by different things at different times. The key to real change and success is getting in touch with your true, deep motivation–that thing that can bring you to your knees or move you to tears because it’s so important to you
  • Do a Day is about how to achieve your greatest goals and change your life. The key is to do things mindfully, in the present moment. We often live trapped between the pain of yesterday and the fear and anticipation of tomorrow. When we live with all that pain and anxiety, we give up every present moment to things that aren’t happening right now. That means we give up opportunity and happiness. We need to free ourselves from our past mistakes or things that were done to us. At the same time, we need to let go of all the Tomorrows that are yet to come because, no matter how sure we are, we don’t know what will happen, so we shouldn’t act today focus on what we think are forgone conclusions. Instead, each Day you get up, and Do what you need to Do in pursuit of your goals.


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