065. Find Your Voice Through Mindfulness with Bruce Langford

Bruce Langford is a Mindfulness consultant who is hired by companies to improve employee work-life balance by replacing stress and anxiety with team spirit and self-respect. Happy, committed team players result in a climate where ROI is increased, sick days decline and general wellness improves. Bruce’s extensive background in bullying prevention equips him, through mindfulness, to inspire employees to replace self-bullying and judgmental behaviors, with a strong desire for cooperation and respect.

When people want to become focused winners at what they do, whether in their business or in their personal life, they seek out proven winning partners who will give them focus. That’s what Bruce does in his coaching practice and with his top-ranked podcast, Mindfulness Mode. Bruce shows you how to get grounded and centered so you can do what you do best, moving forward with confidence. He helps you make the impact you desire and enjoy the freedom you deserve in your life.

He knows from his own personal experience with exactly this. How he grew up defined his sense of self, which included being stifled and type-cast. It literally caused him to not be able to find his voice. Through mindfulness and confidence work, he was able to do just that, and turned outward with his message to help others do the same.

Bruce is a great person, cares deeply about others, and shares his story and his values in this episode.

Key Points from the Episode with Bruce Langford:

  • Bruce was a very stressed-out teen, with a lot of anxiety and anger. Oddly, he didn’t know why.
  • As he got older, it got worse yet his voice didn’t change, so he wouldn’t speak up or out. This only made it worse as those feelings were brewing and bubbling with no outlet.
  • He looked for his voice in music so he could express himself without exposing his high-pitched voice.
  • While he wanted to go to school, he was afraid to try or try what he wanted because he was so afraid to speak.
  • He found an ENT doctor who knew immediately what to do to help him, and it worked. It was all stress- and anxiety-based rather than physical.
  • His anger and stress came from his home life as a child.
  • Growing up, his father was angry and upset most of the time, and his mother was stressed and upset as a result.
  • Bruce has pneumonia as an infant that nearly killed him, and lead to him being defined as fragile. That meant he couldn’t go outdoors in the tough Canadian winters. And, living on a farm, it meant he tended to help his mother in the house rather than the tough work outside on the farm.
  • Adding his voice issues, that reinforced the corner he was being painted into in terms of the kind of person he was.
  • He found himself looking to escape, so when he turned 18, he left, while his siblings stayed around.
  • When he found his voice, it was like a huge rebirth for him where he could be any of the things he wanted to be.
  • The metaphor of “finding your voice” was playing out literally for him, as well, and it was empowering and freeing.
  • Despite that freedom, he also had waves of being stifled and held back.
  • Today, he is an expert on mindfulness, so his back story is so interesting given how much pain and internal strife he faced.
  • After becoming a music teacher in the school system, Bruce saw bullying at play too often. He thought about how mindfulness can help work against it.
  • He took on a persona and a strategy to fight bullying and had a whole show he would share with students in assemblies and other performances to share the message. He became DJ Benny DL (taking on the name of his then 1-2 year old son).
  • Bruce sees music and creativity as such a powerful way to express yourself, work through difficult issues, and feel freedom.
  • Today, Bruce does not struggle with anxiety like he used to. This is because he is very proactive with applying the tools he’s learned before it becomes an issue.
  • He has learned to recognize that things are the way they are supposed to be, and let go of the idea that he needs to change them or that he needs to be someone else.
  • Bruce wrote a book with mindfulness expert Brian Tracy, Cracking The Success Code, which he made available to you for free at mindfulnessmode.com/cracking.
  • He wants people to really embrace the idea that having some form of meditation in your life is really a necessity. Even sitting down for 15 minutes of quiet time with yourself is highly valuable.
  • Book mentioned: John Marshall Roberts, The Voice Code.


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