034. How to Rise Up When You Feel Stuck in the Middle with Ariana Robinson Danquah

Ariana Robinson Danquah is a mother of two boys under 2, a wife, a full-time working professional and the President of a non-profit.

She is the President and Founder of Workplace Lab, a Houston based 501c3 non-profit focused on building employee empowerment and engagement. As an HR professional and business owner, Ariana specializes in empowering people with practical advice on living fulfilling work lives. She has several years of experience in Human Resource management in industry, and business, diversity/inclusion, and psychology research experience that has equipped her to be a credible ally to many.

Despite having an overflowing plate already, she felt so strongly that a population of employees were being underserved as they strive to develop, grow and move ahead in their careers that she decided she had to do something. Workplace Lab was born from that desire and determination, which she shares with us in this episode of the show.


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