015. The Power of Influence for Unbreakable Success with Aaron Keith Hawkins

Aaron Keith Hawkins is the author of Million Dollar Influence, a keynote speaker, business and life coach, podcast host, and influence expert.

After a brush with his mortality in 2009 that we talk about in this interview, he dedicated his life to helping others increase their awareness of the thoughts and actions that are creating their experiences and results at home and work, and sharing simple but powerful skills to improve them.

Aaron’s podcast, Unbreakable Success, is full of training and interviews with some of today’s most influential thought leaders to help you achieve a lifestyle of success.

Key Points from the Interview with Aaron Keith Hawkins

  • By day, Aaron is a police captain after a long career in law enforcement, and the rest of the time, he’s a father, husband and coach focused on helping people achieve more success in their life with a focus on the influence we have on others and ourselves (most importantly).
  • He had a health scare in the middle of the night, thinking he was having a heart attack but actually was feeling the impact of a stroke, despite being younger and healthier than what you would expect for either to take place.
  • In the midst of that extreme event, he was overcome with a feeling of extreme regret, and felt himself vow to be different. Actually, he says it wasn’t a promise to be different, it was a sense that he was now different. His regret was not about what he didn’t do or have, but rather what he didn’t give of himself. He felt he was coasting, and it was impacting those he cared about and impacting himself.
  • How was going to live his life was different. He had been going about things in a ‘good enough’ way where he was thankful for what he had, but not looking to push harder for fear of the risks involved. He had more in life than he feels he was destined to have, so he was playing it safe despite all the potential he had within him. So he decided to live differently. This was the start of his transformation.
  • This triggered a desire to learn and grow, which lead him to completing his bachelor’s degree and getting deep in the self-help and growth space to make himself a better man.
  • As he got deeper into it, it was clear that he was meant to help others with exactly what he had done for himself, getting into your own values to be able to influence yourself to be better. As he says, he started to do things that scared the crap out of him before. Whatever scared him became a goal.
  • Through his years of helping people, the theme that became clearest was influence, which lead to his book, Million Dollar Influence. It’s not about influence to earn a lot of money. It’s about having real influence over yourself as the starting point, and how much that can unlock in terms of your potential in life, which can lead to achieving truly great things–including influencing others to support you in your quests.
  • Many people stop as soon as they stagnate or hit a roadblock. Take those moments as an invitation to learn more and build your skills so these things don’t stop you.


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