December, 2019

079. Sparking the Inner Fight to Make Change with Marcus Smith

By on December 10, 2019

Entrepreneur, motivational speaker, extreme athlete and coach Marcus Smith is the founder of InnerFight. While building a career in the corporate world, Marcus realized his real passion was “making people better at life” and in 2008, he founded InnerFight to do just that. Today along with running InnerFight and Smith St Paleo, Marcus teaches many…

078. The Paradox in Connecting to The World’s Needs with Erik Bergman

By on December 3, 2019

Erik Bergman is a co-founder of Catena Media, a company that went from 0 to 300+ employees in five years. Under this journey Erik made more money than he will ever need in his life, but at the expense of burning himself out, as well as both his business partner and his fiancee that also…