October, 2018

027. Looking Back on Days Done with Bryan Falchuk

By on October 15, 2018

As I come up to my 40th birthday, I thought it would be good to look back on the 26 episodes of the Do a Day Podcast and hit on the amazing guests I’ve had, some of the key messages they’ve shared, and talk about one Vegan day, my effort to use my 40th to help…

026. Have a Goal Every Day & a Plan to Do It with Dick Vitale

By on October 9, 2018

I had the pleasure to get to hear Dick Vitale give a motivational talk at a work event. I was blown away. And it wasn’t just the celebrity awe we were all in, but his message, his passion and the genuineness of his investment in being with all of us. You can see he just…

025. Finding Your Hidden Why with Leigh Martinuzzi

By on October 2, 2018

Leigh Martinuzzi is The Hidden Why Guy. He is an expert in lifestyle design although he would say that he’s just another guy trying to figure out life. He is passionate about creating and living a meaningful life – a life that dissolves suffering and regret. As a compassionate guy Leigh wishes to inspire, educate…